On June 15, 2022, BPW and SCORE brought women entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, and associates representing a variety of industries together in a booth-style expo. The event, co-sponsored by Bozeman Professional Women (BPW) and Bozeman SCORE, showcased their companies and gave women an opportunity to learn about BPW's and SCORE's various programs which support local women professionals.


Robin Thomas, Laura Rogers, and Janice Hand represented SCORE. They set up a 6' SCORE banners behind their table and offered the chapter's 50th-anniversary pens, sticky notes, pamphlets, and stickers to attendees. They also collected several sign-up sheets for 22 people interested in learning more about SCORE

Of all of the visitors, about 40% had heard of SCORE and we met several clients, most notably Onsite Solutions. We were able to talk about SCORE to almost all of the participants. In all, this was a very worthy event for SCORE in terms of exposure and education. 


Here's what the BPW organizers reported about the Expo. Clearly, BPW considered this a successful event.

  • 50 people in attendance, including general public guests and booth holders.
  • Of those present, 26 were from the general public, not BPW members.
  • A generous contribution from SCORE was used to support the food cost!

Below are some of the best pictures of our members as they promoted SCORE to the women attendees.
All the pictures can be viewed on the BPW Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bozemanbpw/.